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Army, Volunteers and Church: to Whom Ukrainians Mostly Trust — Poll

Ukrainians most of all trust the army, volunteer organizations, churches, and rescuers.

Residents of Ukraine most often express confidence in volunteer organizations, the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service and the church. This is evidenced by the results of a survey of the Razumkov Center.

67% of respondents trust volunteer organizations, 62% trust the Armed Forces of Ukraine, 61% trust the State Emergency Service, and the same amount declares their trust in the church.

57% of Ukrainians surveyed trust volunteer battalions.

Among the institutions that are trusted more often than are not trusted are the State Border Service of Ukraine (52% of the respondents trust, 36% do not trust), the National Guard of Ukraine (50% and 38% respectively), the Ukrainian media (49% and 43% respectively) and public organizations (45% and 41% respectively).

Mistrust is most often expressed to officials (83% do not trust them), the Russian media (83%), the Verkhovna Rada (82%), the judicial system (78%), political parties (77%), the government of Ukraine and commercial banks — 75% each. 71% of respondents do not trust the President of Ukraine, 70% the prosecutors, 68% the National Bank of Ukraine, 65% the Supreme Court and the Specialized Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, 64% the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and 64% the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's Office, the court — by 62%, unions — 58%.

A nationwide study was conducted by the sociological service of the Razumkov Center from February 7 to February 14, 2019, in all regions of Ukraine with the exception of the Crimea and the occupied territories of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions. 2016 respondents aged 18 years were interviewed. The theoretical sampling error does not exceed 2.3%.