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Radar and Surveillance Systems Will Be Installed on the Azov Sea

At the coast of the Azov Sea, border guards are planning to install modern radar systems and video surveillance systems.

In connection with the aggression of Russia in the Sea of Azov, the State Border Guard Service has taken new measures to protect from enemy’s provocative actions, the press service of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said.

«In connection with the new round of Russian aggression in the Azov and Black Seas, the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine was forced to rebuild the system of protection and defense of sea borders and to strengthen the marine component of its activities», the State Border Guard Service head Oleh Slobodyan said.

He emphasized that in particular, the Regional Department of Maritime Security deployed in the past year, all sea divisions — from the Danube to Azov, now being withdrawn under a single command within the framework of a joint plan with the headquarters of the JFO and the Navy of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. There is also an increase in the number of divisions of special actions on the water, their acquisition, and training of personnel, reorganization of existing units, etc.

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«Ships of the Marine Security together with the naval ship of the Navy of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Sea of Azov are working out a set of measures that were carried out according to the plan of management of the JFO and were aimed at monitoring and ensuring compliance by vessels of all types of regime of the closed swimming zone. And finally, they went to patrolling and monitoring the situation in the Mariupol region in the framework of the tasks of national security», the Assistant to the Head of the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine said.

Oleh Slobodyan also noted that more than 30 exits to the sea had been carried out by the State Border Guard vessels this year, inspected 20 ships, worked out about 10 combat exercises and over 60 tactical tasks.

In addition, he stressed the expertise of the department's various projects of mid-range patrol ships that are in the hands of countries with a developed system of protection of maritime borders.

Separately, Oleg Slobodian highlighted the measures to improve the system of illumination of the surface environment.

«This also applies to the coast of the Azov Sea, where 5 new border towers and service modules have already been installed at 5 locations of technical observation. Already this year on these objects it is planned to install modern radar systems and video surveillance systems. This will allow the border guards to effectively monitor the surface conditions and timely targets at significant distances. So small target in favorable weather conditions can be found at a distance of up to 12 miles», he said.