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"I Understood That They Will Not Release Me Alive" - a Ukrainian Policeman Told How He Was Captured for Refusing to Go to the Side of Militants

Despite the threat to life, the head of the criminal investigation of Gorlovka, Dmitry Krikunov, even in captivity of the militants remained faithful to the oath and his pro-Ukrainian position.

Dmitry Krikunov comes from Yenakiyevo. Over 20 years of work in law enforcement agencies are under his belt, reports IA "Vchasno." At the time of the beginning of the occupation of the Donetsk region, Dmitry headed a criminal investigation in Gorlovka. Even with the coming of militants, the man remained faithful to his duty, because of which he was captured and even "shot" by terrorists.

According to the Main Department of Police of the Donetsk Region, on May 27, 2014, Dmitry Krikunov, along with the chief of the criminal police of the Kalinin department, was taken as a prisoner.

"In the center of Gorlovka, our car was cut off by two cars without numbers, the young men in masks twisted us, pushed us into the car, brought to the captured building of the Department for Fight against Organized Crime and put us in separate cells," the policeman remembers.

 Militants tore the chevrons from the police uniform of the security forces, said that Ukraine no longer exists, and said that now the enforcement officers are obliged to obey them.

"I realized that, most likely, I will not be released alive. Moreover, after refusing to cooperate with the "DNR" and go over to the side of the so-called "opolchenie", - says Dmitry.

The man remembers the methods of terrorists, who struggled to break the will and re-subordinate all those who did not go over to their side. With the aim of moral pressure, the militants even staged an exemplary execution.

"A whole spectacle of our execution was organized in front of everyone, but we did not know about it. We were told that they are leading us to the execution. They got us into the garage box; brought those who betrayed Ukraine, went to the side of the militants, put us to the wall, put up a convoy. Bes (Bezler) said that for treason, for refusing to defend the "young republic", we deserved an execution and must die. Preparing for the command "fire", we held our breath awaiting death. Suddenly a leader came up to us and ordered us to fall "dead" after shooting, pretending that we were dead. And if someone stirs, Bes personally promised to shoot a bullet in his head."

Information about the execution of Ukrainian policemen quickly dispersed around the city. The mass media reported about the death of the hostages, but they soon denied the information.

Being in captivity, the man has often thought about escaping but was afraid to endanger his family and friends.

"I thought that I really will be shot till last," says Dmitry, "and was not going to grovel and beg for mercy till last."

Now Dmitry Krikunov lives with his family in Bakhmut, where the lieutenant colonel of the police is the deputy chief of the prevention sector in the local police department. The man admits that he will definitely return to his native land, but only after the Ukrainian flag will fly there again.