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Election 2019 in Ukraine: Central Election Commission Processed 100% of Electronic Protocols

The Central Election Commission (CEC) processed 100% of the electronic protocols in the first round of voting for the President of Ukraine.

In the first round of the presidential election, showman Volodymyr Zelensky wins with a score of 30.24%. Results were published on the CEC website.

The current head of state, Petro Poroshenko, is in second place with a rating of 15.95%. Thus, these two candidates will meet in the second round, which should be announced after the CEC accepts all protocols in paper form.

The leader of «Batkivshchyna», Yulia Tymoshenko, won 13.40% of the vote.

There are final numbers of other presidential candidates:

Yuriy Boyko 11.67%, a single candidate from democratic forces Anatoly Grytsenko — 6.91%, ex-Security Service of Ukraine head Igor Smeshko — 6.44%, leader of the Radical Party Oleg Lyashko — 5.48%, candidate from the party «Opposition bloc» Olexandr Vilkul — 4.15%, right-wing candidate Ruslan Koshulinsky — 1.62%.

The remaining candidates scored less than 1% of the vote each.