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PHOTOS. "I Am Asking You for My House, It Is My Dream", - The Children of the Internally Displaced Persons Sent Letters to the President

In Kiev, on Maidan Nezalezhnosti, internally displaced children from Donbass painted on the asphalt the houses of their dreams and sent letters to the President of Ukraine in which told about their main dream - to find a home.

The action called “Children resettled in nowhere – let us protect their future” was organized by activists of the public organization “Miy dim ua”, reports IA

According to the leader of the organization Yulia Dryuk-Ilyashenko, the problem of housing is the main difficulty with which all internally displaced persons from the Donbass are faced by. In addition, that rental housing is very expensive and many IDPs are not able to pay rentable square meters, and not all homeowners are ready to rent to people with Donetsk and Lugansk residence permits.

"We are internally displaced persons, - the activist said. - When we moved out of Donetsk region three years ago to another part of Ukraine, we got the impression that there are two main problems in the country - children and internally displaced persons, because most of the owners of housing do not want to give it to families with children and IDPs. And we have two small children and a Donetsk residence permit. For three years we have changed housing three times and each time faced this problem."

 According to Yulia, the organization "Miy dim ua" was created by IDPs to solve housing problems.

"We want to show both the society and the authorities that all children are equal, the activist said. - Children that came from the occupied territory are the same Ukrainians as the rest of the children. They have the same dreams; they also want a normal childhood, despite the fact that some of them saw the war. And now they are wandering with their parents through rented apartments, they often have to change their kindergartens and schools. This is especially hard for teenagers. They all need a home here because it is not known how much this will go on."

Activists brought to the Maidan houses from cardboard boxes, from which the children built a city and drew streets on the asphalt, painted houses with drawings.

Also, the children prepared letters for President Poroshenko, in which they told about their difficulties and the main dream - to find a home again.

"I still have grandparents in Donetsk, - 7-year-old Polina wrote. - There we had a big house, two cats and a dog. And in Kiev, it is not even allowed to have a hamster.  Please help to solve the issue of housing for us and all the children who left the war. We need a house to do not miss friends and to buy a hamster."

A 6-year-old Egor wrote that he wants to become a superhero to help people and dreams of having a red cat.

"We need a house, - the boy wrote to the head of the country. - You can help us because you are very strong."

All the letters written by the children were sent by the activists to the Administration of the President of Ukraine.

"Such actions are needed to state about our problems. – The displaced person Alexander, who came to the Maidan with his daughter, considers. - If we will not talk about this, they will simply forget about us."

People's deputy Natalya Veselova visited the action and explained how the issue of housing for IDPs is being solved.

"According to statistics, 90% of internally displaced persons live in rented housing, - told the People's Deputy. - People once made their choice in favor of Ukraine, but three years have passed, but the problem is not only not being solved, but it is not being explored either."

According to the People's Deputy, the issue of allocating money under the program "Affordable Housing", which, according to the law 4550 can also be used by internally displaced persons, is now being resolved. The program allows to buy housing in the primary market, with 50% of the purchase price paid by the country.

Natalia Veselova said that last week a bill that proposes to allocate a billion hryvnias for the implementation of this program was already registered in Verkhovna Rada. The deputy also said that next week she will submit an administrative bill, according to which 5 billion hryvnias should be allocated for the implementation of the “Affordable Housing” program from the money that was confiscated from Yanukovych.

"I think it would be fair that people who suffered from the actions of the former president will get help to buy housing out of the money that was stolen from the country," the People's Deputy said.

Natalya Veselova also noted that for those IDPs who do not have the means to use the "Affordable Housing" program, social housing programs should be implemented.