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Presidential Election-2019: How Ukrainians Can Vote Abroad

On April 21, the second round of the presidential election will take place in Ukraine.

Exercising of the right of vote in the presidential elections by the Ukrainians who live or stay during preparation and conducting of the elections outside Ukraine is ensured by their inclusion in the list of voters at the respective polling stations abroad.

The list of foreign polling stations is available on the official website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the section «Voting of Ukrainian Citizens Abroad». Foreign election precincts permanently formed at the following address:

In order for voters to exercise their voting rights outside Ukraine, it is necessary:

- to be included in the list of voters at a foreign polling station located in the territory of the corresponding foreign state. Voters have to check their names, making sure they are spelled correctly and the address in the State Register of Voters is right:

- to personally arrive at the corresponding foreign polling station on the day of voting;

- have at their place a document confirming the citizenship of Ukraine and is the reason for receiving an election ballot at a foreign polling station (passport of a citizen of Ukraine for travel abroad, a diplomatic passport of Ukraine, a passport of Ukraine).

Both in Ukraine and abroad, every voter votes in elections personally. Voting for other persons or voters' transfer of voting rights to any other person is prohibited.

The list of voters at a foreign polling station includes citizens of Ukraine who are either elected or who will be eighteen years old and who, at their election address, according to the data of the State Register of Voters, belong to this foreign polling station.

To be included in the list of voters at a foreign polling station, Ukrainian citizens who permanently or temporarily reside abroad may:

1) at any time convenient:

apply personally or send documents by post to the appropriate foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine for registration at the consular register (these documents may be submitted by citizens of Ukraine who are permanently residing or temporarily staying abroad, during consular services performed by employees of foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine);

personally, submit to the foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine an application for inclusion in the State Register of Voters or change of election address/

2) directly during the election process:

personally submit within the statutory time-limit (not later than five days before the day of voting) to the respective polling station election commission of the foreign polling station a statement regarding incorrect information, including non-inclusion, in the previous voter list;

personally submit within the statutory time-limits (not later than five days before the day of voting) to the State Register of Voters maintenance body at his or her election address in Ukraine or to the Department of Administration and Administration of the State Register of Voters Office of Consular Activities of the Department of Consular Service of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine a statement on the temporary change of voting place without changing the election address. Such a way of including in the list of voters at a foreign polling station is recommended if the citizen of Ukraine will stay in the territory of another foreign state for a short period. Applications for the temporary change of the voter's place of election without changing the election address by foreign diplomatic institutions of Ukraine or by the polling station election commissions of foreign polling stations are not accepted.

If a voter living abroad does not have a consular record, a foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine may not have the information about his stay in the territory of the foreign state.

For such a voter to be included in the list of voters at a foreign polling station, it is necessary to change his election address in advance, personally applying with the relevant application to the foreign diplomatic institution of Ukraine at the place of residence or staying outside of Ukraine.