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In Ukraine 84% of Internally Displaced Persons Do Not Plan to Return Home Soon

Most IDPs who have new places of resettlement do not plan to return home soon.

The vast majority of IDPs (84%) expressed their intention to remain in their current place of residence answering the question about plans for the next three months. This is evidenced by the report of the national system for monitoring the situation with internally displaced persons.

Others answered about a return to their place of residence prior to moving (2%), moving to another region within Ukraine (1%), moving abroad (1%), «difficult to answer» (11%), and 1% did not answer the question.

The number of IDPs who announced their intention to return after the conflict to their place of residence prior to the transfer was 28%. On the other hand, 34% of internally displaced persons expressed their intention not to return even after the end of the conflict. At the same time, the proportion of IDPs who chose the answer is «hard to answer» is 20%.

«These results may indicate the uncertainty of IDPs in the future, which was also noted by the participants in the focus group discussions,» the study said.

It is noted that the intentions did not return were higher among the people, living further from the occupied territories.

In a poll conducted in October-December 2018, 2,403 respondents were interviewed through personal interviews and 4,444 by telephone.