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PHOTOS. American Military Visited Positions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Donbas

US Delegation visited the positions of the 93rd Brigade of Kholodny Yar in the Donetsk region.

The United States military delegation visited the positions of the 93rd Brigade «Kholodny Yar» near Avdiivka (the Donetsk region), the brigade’s press service reports.

It is noted that at a briefing with the commander of the brigade, Lieutenant Colonel Dmytro Bryzhinsky, American partners heard about the combat way of cold warriors, their methods of warfare, and also visited one of the positions of the 93rd Brigade. At the end of the meeting, the military exchanged symbolic gifts and patches of brigades.

«In general, our American partners point out that the military experience of the Armed Forces of Ukraine is currently advanced, just as the Ukrainian army successfully defends from a stronger and more numerous enemy for five years,» the statement says.

It is also noted that the conditions of the war in Donbas are not standard because the hybrid aggression of Russia consists entirely of insults, failure, concealed presence of regular troops of the Russian Federation, and massive information confrontation.

«Therefore, our allies always emphasize that they are currently studying Ukrainians», — noted in the 93rd Brigade.