News agency 'Vchasno'

"The Journalist Vasin, Who Was Missing In Donetsk, Is Alive, the Case about His Kidnapping Has Been Opened", - Firsov

The police opened a criminal investigation into the disappearance of the famous blogger and journalist Stanyslav Vasin, who lived in occupied Donetsk and wrote for Ukrainian publications.

 The SSU also controls the case of the disappearance of Vasin, reports IA "Vchasno".

According to the information of the former People's Deputy Egor Firsov, the journalist who has disappeared the day before in Donetsk is alive. Also, work is being done to include Stas Vasin in the exchange lists.

On his Facebook page, Egor Firsov said that the mother of the missing journalist can liaise with the OSCE and other international organizations in order to get Vasin to be released as soon as possible.

Earlier, Egor Firsov reported that the journalist disappeared on June 2 – that is exactly when he was in touch with his relatives for the last time. The day after he stopped answering calls, his mother came to his house and found that the apartment was opened and there were signs of a search. Also, some things disappeared, including a laptop of the blogger.

Most likely, the journalist was kidnapped by the so-called "MGB of the DNR".

Stanyslav Vasin stayed in the occupied city in order to be able to truthfully describe what was happening directly from the scene of events.