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VIDEO. Back in the USSR - Militants Held a Military Parade in Occupied Donetsk, Terrorists Were Called Heroes

In the so-called “DNR” on May 9, violating the Minsk agreements, the occupation authorities and militants held a military parade.

The outmoded traditions of the Soviet past, the substitution of concepts and the groundless pomposity of separatist formations- this is how military parade dedicated to the 72nd anniversary of Victory Day passed in occupied Donetsk.

Violating Minsk agreements, militants demonstrated heavy weapons and equipment - artillery weapons, anti-aircraft guns, combat vehicles and other weapons.

At the parade, the militants who encroached on the territorial integrity of Ukraine were called heroes, heirs of the Russian army, and the occupation of Ukrainian cities by them was called a protection.

“Commander of the operational command of the DNR, Major-General” Denis Sinenkov (callsign “Siniy”) supervised the parade. “Defense Minister, Lieutenant-General” Vladimir Kononov - a former teacher, a judo coach inspected the parade.  Both of them are on the list of the Center for the Study of Crimes against National Security of Ukraine, Peace, Human Security and the International Law and Order “Mirotvorets”.

The head of the fake republic, Alexander Zakharchenko, was modest this year. It should be reminded, that in 2015, he appeared in a dress uniform with a large number of non-belonging to him orders and was in a state of inebriation. This time Zakharchenko went out in a suit. He spoke with clichés - the slogans that were often used in Soviet-era war films were expressed proudly at the end of the speech.

“Our cause is right! The enemy will be defeated! Victory will be ours! “, said the leader of the militants about the plans of the “DNR”.

The Armed Forces of Ukraine were called enemies and invaders by the parade host and leaders of the “DNR”.

Among those who came to the parade were veterans and local people of Donetsk, mostly middle-aged, who walked along the central street of the city with photos of their relatives who died during the Second World War and during the military conflict in Ukraine in 2014-2017. In addition, the procession participants held in their hands the flags of the “DNR”, of Russia and of illegal military formations.