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"Tired of Being a Human Shield," - the Residents of Donetsk Asked not to Shoot from Their Houses on the Positions of Armed Forces of Ukraine

Residents of the Kiev district of Donetsk, who constantly suffer from shelling, demanded from the occupation authorities that the militants stop shooting at the positions of the AFU and do not use them as a “human shield”.

About this, residents have declared to so-called “mayor” of Donetsk Alexey Kulemzin, IA "Vchasno" reports.

According to the information of the Donetsk Resident Evgeny Kazakov, the "mayor" came to the Kiev district to express his regrets to the residents, who suffered from another night shelling.

On his Facebook page, Evgeny Kazakov said that along with the "mayor" came local journalists who were supposed to film the meeting of the "head of the city" and the injured civilians.

According to Kazakov residents of the Kiev district did not complain, but on the contrary, behaved aggressively and showered the "governor" with questions about when the militants would stop shooting at the AFU from their homes and why they shoot if they know that an “answer will arrive”.

The blogger claims that the "mayor" Kulemzin did not know what to answer and tried to hug people to console, but they simply turned away and left him.

"I am sure that such a thing local TV will not show," the Donetsk resident summed up.