News agency 'Vchasno'

For the Sake of Earnings, Employees of Stolen Ukrainian Enterprises Are Compelled to Go to the Service to the Militants of "LDNR"

Cash compensation is the main reason why unemployed miners are compelled to go to fight in the ranks of the "LDNR".

"It is becoming increasingly difficult to replenish the ranks of servicemen at the expense of Russians, but on the ground, they are actively campaigning for contract service in the I and II army corps," the representatives of the ATO headquarters said at a briefing in Kramatorsk, a correspondent of the IA "Vchasno" reports.

Miners and employees of enterprises, who were left without work and livelihood due to the "nationalization" of objects in favor of the "republics" are forced to go to serve in the ranks of militants.

In April 2017, large-scale gatherings of reservists took place at the training ground near Torez, after which many participants were compulsorily forced to sign contracts for military service.

The salary of an ordinary soldier is 15 thousand Russian rubles, of the sergeant - 19.5 thousand rubles, officers monthly receive from 22 thousand rubles. On the first line the salary grows, and for crewmen starts from 19,5 thousand rubles. Such a reward in "LDNR" was established from June 1 of this year.

Russian officers continue to lead the army corps, Alexander Rozmaznin, deputy commander of the ATO headquarters, said. With the company commander also there is a curator or adviser from among Russian officers. The presence of the Russian side in the occupied territory of the Donetsk and Lugansk regions is confirmed by the found documents and weapons of militants, produced only in Russia and for the needs of its army.