News agency 'Vchasno'

"It Does Not Mean a Full-Scale War," - Expert about the Law on the De-Occupation of Donbass

The preamble of the law on the reintegration of Donbass, which provides a cancellation of the ATO, speaks of Ukraine's commitment to a peaceful solution of the problem and compliance with the Minsk agreements, but Russia is not called an occupier.

It was told by Deputy Minister for Occupied Territories George Tuka on the air of the talk show "Pravo na Vladu", IA "Vchasno" reports.

"In the preamble of this bill, it is clearly written about the commitment to a peaceful solution of the problem and consistency according to the Minsk agreements," Tuka said.

"The territory in the preamble of the draft law is recognized occupied, and by whom - it is not specified," he stressed.

According to Tuka, the adoption of this law by the Rada does not mean that Ukraine will start a full-scale war the next day. Also, the law does not provide new waves of mobilization.

Tuka noted that the proposed law is only a "draft version", it will still be discussed and take into account the opinions of both experts and the public.