News agency 'Vchasno'

Militants Plan to Open "Representation" of "DNR" in France

Donetsk militants are going to open a "representative center" of the so-called "DNR" in Marseilles.

"Center" will be headed by the municipal adviser at the mayoralty of Marseilles and the former regional adviser of Provence Géral-Hubert Fayard, IA "Vchasno" reports.

According to the information agency "DAN", "strengthening of information, cultural and economic ties" between the fake DNR and France will be the task of "representation".

The so-called "Foreign Minister of the DNR" Natalia Nikonorova reported that the "representative center" of the militants was officially registered on June 17.

This is the fifth attempt of the "DNR" to open its "representative offices" in the EU countries.

Last year, the fake "republic" opened a similar "center" in the Czech Republic, but six months later it was closed by a decision of the Czech court.

Also, the DNR office was established in Turin, Italy, after which a group of Italian deputies from the ruling Democratic Party sent a parliamentary request to the government with a demand to officially react to that.

After the militants opened their "representative center" in Athens, the representative of the Greek Foreign Ministry said that the country's authorities had never recognized the "DNR", and the opening "representation" had no official status in Greece. At the same time, all actions that undermine the territorial integrity of Ukraine are condemned by the Greek authorities and by the established position of the government.

The authorities declared illegal "Representation" of "DNR" in Finland, formally stated that Finland does not recognize the fake "republic." At the same time, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country stressed that Finland respects the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine and does not approve of attempts aimed at tearing apart parts of the territory of Ukraine unilaterally.