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PHOTOS. Internally Displaced Persons under the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Demanded the Protection of Their Rights to Concessional Housing

Several hundred IDPs came to the building of CabMin for the protest action in Kiev.

People demanded that the authorities solve the housing problems of IDPs, the correspondent of IA "Vchasno" reports from the scene. The public organization "My home ua" was the initiator of the action.

According to the organizer of the event, Tatyana Klevitskaya, the Youth Construction Program "Affordable Housing", according to which internally displaced persons could buy apartments with 50% compensation at the expense of the country, did not have money to buy IDP housing.

"We are striving to reach the authorities so that they give us the opportunity to take advantage of this program," Tatiana Klevitskaya said. "We know that there were proposals for its entering the state budget for the second half of 2017, but according to the data voiced in the media, there is no money to finance the program and housing for the IDPs."

According to Klevitskaya, for three years of the ATO country did not allocate funds for resolving housing problems of IDPs. And although the law provides for them a receiving of preferential housing, this law remains a declaration.

"Tomorrow is the Day of the Constitution, and we as citizens of Ukraine have the right to protect and realize our constitutional rights," the activist said. "To make changes to the budget, so we could use them."

People's deputy Natalia Veselova, who also came to support the action, said that housing remains the most important problem for all categories of IDPs.

"The action is devoted to the purchasing of housing under the state program" Affordable Housing ", - the People's Deputy told. - As usual in our country, the government is all for solving this problem, but nobody decided to allocate money for this. The problem we have in one ministry - the Ministry of Finance, it does not coordinate changes in the budget for the second half of 2017, in which it was proposed to contribute funds to this program. "

Natalia Veselova said that the Verkhovna Rada has already registered its draft law 6515-1, which provides the allocation of funds for the program "Affordable Housing" in the amount of 5 billion hryvnias.

"We suggest to take these funds from Yanukovych's confiscated money, which is already put into the budget of 2017," the People's Deputy explained. "We propose to take them from local subventions, because in this way they will still return to local budgets, but in the form of realized construction programs."

"We have been living in rented house for the third year," Svetlana, a Donetsk resident, says. - My second child was born here, and he does not know what is a home because we have to move all the time. When at school the children were asked to write about their main desires, my older son's classmates wrote about what they would like to become, and my son - that he wants to build his house."

"Even a pig Naf-naf had the opportunity to build a house from a straw," Alexander from Donetsk shared. "We do not have this opportunity either because we do not have land." For the third year, we give all the earned money for renting housing, we ourselves have some scanty pennies with which are hard to survive. "

Activists prepared written appeals to the Government, in which they demanded to pay attention to the scale of the problem.

Also, people called for representatives of the Ministry of Finance to come to them, but their demands were ignored.