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In the Donbass, Women and Girls Are Kidnapped for the Purpose of Sexual Exploitation, - the Report of the U.S. Department of State

In the areas of the conflict-affected Donetsk and Lugansk Regions of Ukraine, women and girls are abducted for the purpose of sexual exploitation in Ukraine and Russia.

This is stated in the annual report of the U.S. State Department "About human trafficking" in 2017, reports with reference to UNIAN.

In particular, it is noted that the conflict in the east of Ukraine, fueled by Russian aggression, has led to the relocation of about two million people, and this population is particularly vulnerable to exploitation.

"In the areas controlled by separatists ruled by Russia, the situation becomes particularly difficult. Opportunities for employment are limited and the "power" of separatists limits international humanitarian assistance that would help meet the needs of the civilian population. Women and girls from areas affected by the conflict are abducted for the purpose of sexual and labor exploitation in Ukraine and Russia," the report says.

It is also said that internally displaced persons became victims of human trafficking, and some Ukrainians were subjected to forced labor in the uncontrolled territories of the Donbas. These people were often abducted, tortured and forced to give information. It is noted, however, that the emergence of a large number of displaced persons has increased the vulnerability to trafficking in persons throughout the country.

It is reported that international experts noted that the demographic indicators of victims of trafficking have changed since the beginning of the conflict in the Donbass and in particular, include more people from cities, young people and men who have been victims of more and more forced labor and criminal activities, which include distribution of drugs.

"The militants supported by Russia issued an "edict" that calls for the recruitment of minors and continue to use minors as soldiers, informants and as a human shield," the authors of the report added.