News agency 'Vchasno'

In the Occupied City in Donbass Spouses Face the Possibility of the Death Penalty

For the attempted murder, as well as for the murder and robbery, the militants of the "DNR" intend to sentence the couple from Gorlovka (on temporarily occupied and uncontrolled territories of Ukraine) to the death penalty.

According to the injured resident of Gorlovka, a married couple attacked him under the guise of car buyers. The man inflicted on the pensioner about 20 stab wounds to the heart, lungs, neck, and head.

The attackers, according to militants, turned out to be a married couple with three children. Now the "DNR police" demands for the spouses the capital punishment - life imprisonment or the death penalty.

The only country in Europe where the death penalty is used in practice is Belarus. Even in the "friendly to republics" Russia, there is a moratorium on its application.

The terrorists claim that the detainees were allegedly involved in similar attacks in the occupied Yenakiyevo and the murder of a taxi driver in one of the districts of the same Gorlovka. In all cases, the suspects allegedly sold their victims' cars. And after the attack on a pensioner in Gorlovka, they tried to escape by running to a neighboring "LNR".