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PHOTOS. Without Roofing and Under Fire: Where the Children from the Frontline Village in the Donetsk Region Will Begin New School Year

The volunteers showed where the children from the front-line Pervomaisk in the "gray" zone will meet the new school year.

Before the war in the Donbass in the Pervomaisk school, that only 10 km from the Donetsk airport, 198 pupils were trained, in 2014 there were 72 of them, IA "Vchasno" reports.

Even during the most violent attacks, the school continued to work. The proximity to the battles and the lack of major repairs led the school to a deplorable state.

"Broken glass, defective electrician, damaged window frames and facade part, dampness and fungus in the classrooms, this is a small part of the listed problems in the school," Evgeniy Vasiliev, a volunteer of the Vostok-SOS organization, said on his Facebook page.

The main problem for the school, according to the volunteer, is the roof. Because of the leaky roof, the classrooms on the third floor of the school are not being renovated. The roof was repaired in 2008.

Last year the Czech organization "Man in Need” helped to change in the school the sewerage, heating, water supply and install windows on the second floor. For the means of the district budget, it was possible to change 18 windows on the first floor.

In addition to repair problems, there is a shortage of educators.

"The situation with the pedagogical staff is the same as in other schools along the entire line of demarcation," Evgeniy Vasiliev writes. - There is no teacher of physical culture, history, Russian language and literature in the school. There is the acute shortage of methodological material for teachers".

To date, 12 teachers and 11 workers work in the educational institution.

Photos from Evgeniy Vasiliev's (Vostok-SOS) Facebook