News agency 'Vchasno'

Wild Grass, Abandoned Supermarkets, Empty Streets: Fresh Photos of the "Dying" Donetsk Were Published in the Network

The journalist Denis Kazanskiy published in the network fresh photos with views of the center of occupied Donetsk, which shows how the infrastructure of the city is being destroyed and became unusable.

Pictures are taken in the park near the stadium «Donbass Arena», as well as in the central streets of the city, IA «Vchasno» reports.

In his blog, the journalist said that the supporters of the so-called "Russian world" argue that everything is fine in Donetsk, the city lives a full life, and all the negative feedback on the state of the urban infrastructure is Ukrainian propaganda and fictions. But the photographs published by him indicate the opposite.

«Here are the new photos of the park near the stadium «Donbass Arena», — Kazanskiy commented. — On the coolest football stadium in Ukraine European football stars are no longer play. The construction is now useless. And the territory around is neglected and untidy. The plants grew. Many decorative bushes died. Everywhere wild grass grows, like in some village».

The photo shows that the grass on the paths breaks through the paving slab, many benches are destroyed, decorative ponds overgrown with mud.

Also, many trees died, which are no longer taken care of, including decorative fir-trees, which probably just forgot to water.

Large letters near the stadium are no longer laundered from the inscriptions.

Previously, the park near the «Donbass Arena» was a favorite place of rest for the citizens, but now it is empty and abandoned.

Similarly, there is a deserted stop near the popular shopping center «White Swan». Previously, expensive boutiques worked there and life was boiling, the place was very busy. Now there is not a single car in the parking lot near the shopping center.

On the facade of the building, one letter fell off and it is not hung back.

The building of the first full-fledged supermarket «Bum» in Donetsk, which had been working since the beginning of the 2000s — was abandoned.

Artema street — the central street of the city, devoid of people and deserted.

«The current city is the pale shadow of the old, Ukrainian Donetsk, — the journalist sums up. — The capital of the Donbass is degrading and gradually turning into conditional Tiraspol - a boring, poor provincial city without distinct perspectives. I'm interested, the Donetsk people who write that everything is good in Donetsk - do you really think that it’s normal»?