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PHOTOS. In the Donetsk Region, an Exhibition of Drawings of Children Affected By the War Was Opened

In the front-line Pokrovsk of the Donetsk region, the opening of the international exhibition of children's drawings “My land – my home” was held.

The idea of creating the exhibition arose among the members of the NGO "Slovak-Ukrainian Partnership Center" during the humanitarian mission to the city of Mariupol, IA "Vchasno" reports.

Its main goal is to show the impact on the creative work of children of the military conflict in the east of Ukraine, whose eyewitnesses they have become.

Victoria Dvorianchikova
"The organizers were in Mariupol, and probably noticed that the works of the children of Donbass differ from the drawings of those children who live outside the war zone, - the organizer of the exhibition in Pokrovsk, the head of the "Cleopatra" Image Center" Victoria Dvorianchikova said. - Therefore, we decided to make such a tour when the exhibition moves from one city to another, and the children of the region depict in pictures how they see their land and the city."

According to Victoria, in the pictures of children from front-line cities, as well as children-IDPs from Donetsk, Lugansk, dark colors predominate, which reflect their present mood during the period of life in the zone of fightings.

"I draw two stages of my life", - young artist Masha Nikulcheva, who is from occupied Donetsk, says. — My life in Donetsk and my present life here in Pokrovsk".

The girl told that she moved to Pokrovsk from the occupied Donetsk with her parents a year ago.

"In Donetsk, I was very afraid, because all the time it was scary, all the time bullets were flying, once the projectile fell next to our house. And here it's quiet and peaceful, I'm fine in this city, because I'm not afraid", the child shares.

"I believe that children do not know how to lie, they do not think that this is a test, but simply draw what they see and feel on the paper, - Viktoria Dvorianchikova said. — Children are like that litmus paper, they reflect in their work everything they felt and experienced."

The exhibition of drawings is mobile, and in each city, its exposition is replenished with children's works of young artists from other regions of Ukraine. Organizers also plan to present it in Slovakia.