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Without a Certificate There Is No Passport and Vice Versa: A Vicious Circle for the IDPs of Donbass in Processing of Documents

Lawyers continue to record violations of the rights of internally displaced people in the sphere of documenting by the passport of a citizen of Ukraine.

16-year-old Maxim, an internally displaced person from occupied Lugansk, despite having an international passport, which confirms his identity, can not get a passport of a citizen of Ukraine, since he needs a separate certificate of IDP, IA "Vchasno" reports.

Maxim is inscribed in the IDP certificate of his mother, but when boy applied for a passport, the adolescent was informed by the State Migration Service that for the production of the document he should be provided with a separate certificate.

And such a certificate without a passport of a citizen of Ukraine according to the law of the country, he can not get.

Thus, a citizen of Ukraine who has an international passport that proves his identity can not receive the main national document, even if he has on his hands, although not a separate, but valid certificate of the registration of IDPs.

As the lawyer of charitable foundation "Vostok-SOS" Alena Luneva told that the Migration Service needs the certificate of the IDP only to determine the applicant's residence. And in such situations, it is recommended to leave a written request in the SIS unit and demand information about the reasons for the delay in the production or refusal to accept documents for issuing the passport, as the written document will become the basis for applying to the court and higher authorities.