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Unique System of Recognizing of the Faces of Militants Will Be Launched in Ukraine

August 24 in Ukraine the online system of recognition and identification of militants and separatists named «Identigraf» will begin to work.

On Independence Day in Ukraine, the system of automatic identification of criminals «Identigraf» will be launched. People's deputy Anton Gerashchenko said about it on his Facebook page, IA "Vchasno" reports.

«The uniqueness of this system is that this is the first system in the world that will work in the public domain on the Internet for the search of separatists, terrorists and criminals», Gerashchenko said.

According to the deputy, «Identigraf» is based on the face recognition algorithm - the system can process millions of photos of alleged criminals within 20-30 seconds. The system for comparing the photo uses a database of separatists, terrorists, militants, created by the volunteers of the center «Myrotvorets».

Police investigators, Security Service of Ukraine and prosecutors, border guards, private detectives, lawyers, bank employees, private entrepreneurs, and anyone who wants to check whether a person was involved in anti-Ukrainian statements can be users of the system.

Before the official launch on August 24, «Identigraf» is working in a test mode. Access to the system is open to all without exception by the link:

It is reported that the development of «Identigraf» was conducted in cooperation with one of the world's most famous social networks and took nine months.

To implement it, about one million hryvnias of donations were collected from 2,000 Ukrainian citizens. However, this money did not cover the expenses for developers, some of the work was made on credit, Gerashchenko added.