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PHOTOS. To the Miner’s Day Patriotic Inscriptions Appeared in Occupied Donetsk

In the occupied by the militants of the «DNR» Donetsk, in honor of the City Day, inscriptions with a clear pro-Ukrainian position appeared.

The user Vitalii Ovcharenko informed about this on his Facebook page.

«And in Donetsk, our people continue though quiet, but resistance. Tonight, from August 26 to August 27, Donetsk residents, workers of mines that were already closed by the occupants, showed their attitude towards the Russian occupants. Immediately on several streets of the city a series of inscriptions from miners of Donbass dedicated to the Russian occupants before the Miner’s Day appeared», Ovcharenko writes.

According to him, inscriptions «Miners for Ukraine», «Miners against Russia» and «Death to Putinsi» (fans of Russian president Vladimir Putin) appeared on the streets of the city, which show the real attitude of Ukrainian miners — Donetsk residents to the Russian occupants.

Miners against Russi
Miners for Ukraine
Death to Putinsi