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Three Years of the Ilovaisk Tragedy: the Guilty are not Punished, 8 Fighters Remain Prisoners of Terrorists

Three years ago, in the so-called «green corridor» in the Ilovaisk, Russian troops shot Ukrainian soldiers who were leaving the surrounding. Then 366 people were killed, 158 were missing, and 128 were captured.

At the moment, 8 fighters who were captured near Ilovaisky are still in the dungeons of militants, IA «Vchasno» reports.

The Chief Military Prosecutor of Ukraine Anatolii Matios on TV-channel ZIK said that the cause of the tragedy was the direct invasion of a huge group of Russian troops, which nobody expected.

«Ilovaisk tragedy was preceded by shelling, so they counted on shooting «from that side», - the prosecutor said. - But when grouping penetrated the rear in Ilovaisk and columns of military equipment of regular Russian troops covered a city, was then came that we have nothing to save them came».

According to Matios, after Ilovaysk was captured by Russian military and mercenaries, 800 defenders of Ukraine were surrounded. In this case, the possibility of an exit for them remained only under the direct fire of the enemy. The Russian side provided the Ukrainian military with a «green corridor» to exit, but shot the soldiers.

Matios said that there were no mistakes of the Ukrainian military command.

Also, according to the prosecutor, a court will be held in Ukraine, where, among other things, the Russian defense minister, General of the General Headquarter of the Russian Federation, General Bogdanovsky, who gave the order to shot of Ukrainian fighters from large-caliber weapons, was sentenced in absentia.

Also, the Ukrainian side establishes the names of the Russians who took part in the shooting. According to the prosecutor, the identity of 78 war criminals is already known, and forty - real indictment was filed.

Also today in the capital there was an action in memory of the Ilovaysk tragedy, at which the People's Deputy Semyon Semenchenko spoke. The deputy said that he considers guilty in the tragedy of the chief of the General Headquarter Muzhenko, the chief of Headquarter of the ATO Nazarov and the Ministry of Defense, Geletey. He also said that during the investigation he testified that the President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko was involved in the murder of the military.

Those fighters who died under the Ilovaysk are remembered today on the territory of St. Michael's Golden-Domed Monastery, where the memorable event «War, which does not exist» was held.

According to the site, within the framework of a continuous marathon of memories of the Ilovaysk tragedy, the mobile exhibition «Check-point of Memory» will be opened under the walls of the monastery, where exhibits collected at the site of the tragedy by volunteers are displayed.

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