The Film about the Life of the Front-Line City in the Donetsk Region Is Awarded With the Prize at the International Film Festival

The film of the director Maria Voronchuk about the life of the front-line town in the Donetsk region won a special prize of the prestigious International documentary film festival.

Maria Voronchuk became the author of the short documentary film “Gornyak”. She is the local director, who moved to live in Lviv because of the war in the Donbas, reports IA “Vchasno” referring to the Union of Cinematographers of Ukraine.

According to the author, she has long wanted to make a film about her native city and show personal stories of people who are forced to live just a few dozen kilometers from the war.

“The idea to make a film appeared two years ago,” Maria says. - My work is a short documentary about the town of Gornyak. I view it as a process of research, learning and searching. I set myself the goal to show fragments of stories of the city's residents. When you return to your hometown after a long absence, you want to understand how people live, so close to war.”