A Bakery-Cafeteria "New York" Appeared In 20 km from the Occupied City in the Donetsk Region

Residents of the front-line settlement of Novhorodske in the Donetsk region started their own businesses, despite the fact that a line of demarcation in the ATO zone is near.

45-year-old Oksana Lenko in the front-line Novhorodske opened her own mini-enterprise for baking bread products, Business-East reports.

"The idea to open a bakery-cafeteria arose before the war," the woman says. - Coming to big cities, I always went to similar institutions. They have a kind of homely atmosphere. Once, sitting in Kyiv, I promised that I would definitely open something similar at my own home. "

The village of Novhorodske is small, the line of the front runs along its surroundings, with the beginning of the fighting people began to move out, there was less work. One day, Oksana read on the Internet about UNDP grants. The woman decided to apply for a grant and a business plan.

"Around Horlivka, and honestly, it was a little scary to open, but after all that we experienced here in 4 years of the war, I wanted to create something that could become a calling card of Novhorodske," Oksana says.

After undergoing entrepreneurship courses and receiving a grant of UAH 195,000, a woman was able to purchase baking equipment. She rents a room. Hired three specialists: technologist, barman, and baker.

"It was difficult to find the specialists, but I was lucky, and now I have a great team," the businesswoman emphasized. "They helped me realize my idea, they are constantly pushing for something new and interesting. The barman teaches to make a coffee, and the girls share the secrets of baking the best dough. "

Although the cafeteria itself is small, and most of it is occupied by a production line, however, each visitor, sitting with a cup of coffee, can observe the process of baking.

"Every day we have a new product," the woman says. - We change the stuffing according to the preferences of visitors. They themselves come and order what they like the most. "

Today, the mini-enterprise provides to consumers over thirty kinds of products: over 10 kinds of bread, croissants, baguettes, rolls, cakes, pies, pizza and much more.

However, this is not the only feature of a mini bakery. The interior of the place is interesting. Here the walls are decorated with old photographs and scraps from newspapers of 20-50 years of the twentieth century.

"We did not particularly think of the name," - says Oksana. - It is patriotic, once our village called like this. I wanted to combine modern and past. Therefore, we found old photos, so that people could get acquainted with history. "

The woman wants develop her mini-production, plans to organize delivery of pizza in the village.

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