A Film about the War in Donbass Can Be Included in the List of Nominees for an Oscar

The Ukrainian Oscar Committee has completed the reception of applications for participation in the selection of national films for the anniversary 90th Oscar ceremony in the nomination "The Best Foreign Language Film".

This year, 8 films participated in the national preselection, one of which was "The War of Chimeras" directed by Anastasiya Starozhitska and Mariya Starozhitska about the fighting in Donbass, IA "Vchasno" reports referring to the Ukrainian State Film Agency.

It is reported that this is the story of war, love and death that was documented by the immediate participants of events. Off screen and later on it are the two - a boy and a girl. He volunteered for the front; she went to the place just after the battle. He got into Ilovaysk cauldron, lost his closest brother-soldiers. She, while travelling along the ruined towns, strives to understand the essence of war and love. Both tell openly one another about their feelings during the war, escaping the cauldron, a try to live together after, and a common trip to the frontline.

Also to participate in the Oscar, the films "Dzidzio Contrabass", "Alive", "Black Level", "Headlong", "Someone Else's Prayer", «The Red» and the cartoon "Mikita Kozhumyaka" claim.

August 29 at the «Zhovten» cinema a screening of the selected film-applicant from Ukraine and a press conference on this occasion will happen.

Recall, "Oscar" - a prestigious American film award, created in 1929 and traditionally awarded to filmmakers for their contribution to the creation of motion pictures. The award ceremony is held annually in Los Angeles, at the Dolby Theater, and it is broadcasted live in dozens of countries around the world.

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