Angel in Red: Ambulance Paramedic Evacuated Special Vehicles from Donbas under Heavy Fire

One of the emergency medical stations in Luhansk oblast of Ukraine is under daily fire. As a result, most workers left. However, ambulance paramedic Svitlana Klos was able to accomplish the impossible mission.

The area of ​​the «Carbonite» mine has been under fire from Russian invaders for eight years (since the start of Russian hybrid aggression in 2014). Since the beginning of the «special operation» to exterminate Ukrainians, Russian armed attacks have only intensified. The Carbonite ambulance continued work for local civilians, despite regular shelling. The remains of the station's property were preserved by paramedic Svitlana Klos.

«Svitlana was one hundred percent successful in carrying out a special operation to evacuate special vehicles. She asked for permission to evacuate vehicles. She got behind the wheel of one car, her father — of another, and they took the vehicles to a relatively quiet area,» Dmytro Kiselyov, director of the Luhansk Regional Center for Emergency Care and Disaster Medicine, told «Vchasno».

Currently, the occupiers have destroyed the territory of the station. The ruins of the buildings remain. The evacuation of the vehicles was disrupted by constant shelling. Thanks to the woman's courage, the cars were taken to Dnipro.

«Thanks to the courageous actions of this fragile woman, the property was saved, which after repairs will be used again for emergency medical care for the population of Luhansk oblast. We will live for the sake of the Motherland, and the evacuated transport will work for our people after the victory,» Dmytro Kiselyov added.

Currently, a number of ambulance workers are selflessly continuing their work in Ukrainian cities in Luhansk oblast.

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