Art-Residence «Diffusions» Started Work in the Donetsk Region — European Artists Paint Train Station in Front-Line City

Within three weeks European and local artists will turn industrial Kramatorsk of the Donetsk region into a city of contemporary art.

The artists are planning to present their works to the art museum, NA «Vchasno» reports.

Artist from Berlin, Alan Meyer, comes to the Donetsk region for the third year with the idea of developing the transformation of industrial Kramatorsk into a city in which modern art develops. Last year he organized the art project «Diffusions» for the first time.

«When Kramatorsk suddenly became a regional center because of the war, people began to look more closely at it, to come here,» Alan says. «But there is an underdeveloped artistic life, despite its potential. That's why I started this project with my friends. To give young people, local artists opportunity to show their talent along with those who live and work in Europe. This is a kind of interpenetration — diffusion.»

Artists from Germany, Brazil, Great Britain and Japan take part in this year's art residence. Martin Sieron came from Germany. He came to Ukraine for the first time. He says he was going to get to know the culture, talk with the local people and feel the Ukrainian spirit.

«My friend Alan suggested to come here, I live in Western Europe, and I'm curious to see what's happening here in eastern Ukraine,» Martin says. «I work in abstract and traditional styles. I liked this industrialism — pipes, railings, cars, I carry it with paints on canvas.»

Artists painted at the train station this day. They decided that in their paintings there should be recognizable places — those where the locals have been many times, and then can be seen on the canvas once again from another angle.

Schoolgirl from Kramatorsk Margaryta Belaya joined the artists from Europe. The girl does not have an artistic education. She draws when there is a will. Today it is her first work on the plein air.

«I'm local, I was at the station hundreds of times,» the girl said. «But I would never have thought that it could be so interesting. Every artist creates his own thing.»

Urban landscapes on canvases, created in two weeks, artists will show at a joint exhibition on September 8 in the Kramatorsk Art Museum. By that time, different corners of the city will be drawn. Artists will be joined by musicians, photographers, sculptors. All the works will be presented to the museum.

«This creativity is something that will stay, I want to believe that such projects will cause changes,» Alan Meyer convinced. «Ukrainian cities should not be gray. People should feel the need not just go to work, eat sausage and potatoes. When there is a place for bright colors, art workshops, exhibitions, galleries, and creativity as a whole, the city will live.»

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