«Hallucinations and Convulsions Began from Hunger on the Seventh Day»: Story from Blocked by the Russians City of Mariupol

Break out of hell: we continue to publish the stories of Mariupol residents who managed to escape from the city blocked by the Russian army.

*This material contains information that may be shocking

Many Mariupol residents who were able to leave their hometown cannot realize that they are safe. Their fates are crippled. It is impossible to recover from the horror or forget. These people are witnesses to the brutal murder of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and its residents conducted by the Russian Federation.

Sofiia, a volunteer from Dnipro, publishes the stories of those saved from the hell inflicted by the Russians on Earth. She works at the refugee headquarter and shares with the world the true and especially scary stories of Mariupol residents. One of them is about a businesswoman who miraculously escaped thanks to the Ukrainian military.

«There are unbearable pain and human grief among many people. Few people want to talk about this topic, it hurts, you need to experience it in yourself, but you need to share these stories,» the volunteer wrote, telling about the Mariupol resident she met.

Here is the story of the heroine, told by the volunteer:

«I was constantly vomiting and dizzy because of my nerves. The problems you were worried about «before» suddenly disappeared. For me, war is a different life. The unbearable smell of urine and feces, vomit, blood, and decomposing bodies.

People experience stress in different ways. I know people die of pain and grief. The heart stops, and there is no medicine. Also for diabetics and cancer patients.

Everyone says «humanitarian catastrophe.» I want to explain the importance of this for women: you are on your period, and you are in one pad all 5 days. There is no water, napkins, or even toilet paper. There are pieces of clothing, but I think you understand what I mean.

On the fourth day we ran out the food, and with hunger on the seventh day hallucinations and convulsions began. We were in the basement, sitting on a rag and no longer crying. Thought how to get out. We closed the children's mouths so the Russians wouldn't hear we were here. Everything we read about the Nazis — we all felt much worse. Because these scoundrels came to destroy, and for them to kill a child or rape a woman is a pleasure.

We have never seen so many corpses in our lives, the smell of decaying bodies is on the street, and maybe yesterday you had a good, satisfying life, today we have nothing material, but there is faith, and God is with us."

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