Hungarian Officials Visited the ATO Zone and the Front Line for the First Time

Hungarian deputies Attila Petnehazi and Yaroslav Hortyan, as well as businessman Zoltan Horvath, accompanied by the ambassador of Ukraine to Hungary, Lyubov Nepop visited the city of Volnovakha and the front line.

The ambassador of Ukraine wrote this on her Facebook page. According to her, the visit took place on September 9, on Saturday.

"This day, together with Hungarian businessman Zoltan Horvath and Hungarian parliamentarians Attila Petnehazi, who is a member of the Ukraine-Hungary interparliamentary friendship group, and Yaroslav Hortyani, who is also the representative of the Ukrainian community in the Hungarian State Assembly, the Vice-President of the World Congress of Ukrainians and the President of the European Congress of Ukrainians who visited the city of Volnovakha", - Nepop wrote.

The ambassador said that the main purpose of the visit was the opening of a modern children's playground of a European model, which was built on funds raised at the initiative of Zoltan Horvath.

In addition, members of the Hungarian delegation laid flowers to the monument to the victims of the attack by Russian-terrorist forces that on January 13, 2015 fired a shuttle bus, killing 12 civilians, and honored the memory of 18 Ukrainian servicemen of the 51st separate mechanized brigade, who died at the hands of terrorists May 22, 2015.

"And one more important element of the visit to Volnovakha on September 9, 2017 is a trip to Novotroitskoye and to the last Ukrainian checkpoint, which is followed by temporarily uncontrolled territory", Lyubov Nepop said.

She noted that it was the first time that Hungarian officials visited the anti-terrorist operation zone.

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