«I Was Ready to Kill a Dog to Feed the Children»: Story from Blocked by the Russians City of Mariupol

Break out of hell: the story of a resident of Mariupol, who managed to escape from the city blocked by the Russian army.

*This material contains information that may be shocking

Many Mariupol residents who were able to leave their hometown cannot realize that they are safe. Their fates are crippled. It is impossible to recover from the horror or forget. These people are witnesses to the brutal murder of the Ukrainian city of Mariupol and its residents conducted by the Russian Federation.

Sofiia, a volunteer from Dnipro, publishes the stories of those saved from the hell inflicted by the Russians on Earth. She works at the refugee headquarter and shares with the world the true and especially scary stories of Mariupol residents. One of them is about a businesswoman who miraculously escaped thanks to the Ukrainian military.

«There is emptiness in her eyes, when you offer help, people can't hold back tears. I hugged the woman. From fatigue and tension, she began to fall and lose consciousness. We brought her water, and she got better and continued. She says: «I had a business, I had a life, and a few days later I saw mutilated bodies,» Sofia describes the meeting with the woman.

Here is the story of the heroine, told by a volunteer:

«They buried people in the yard, the Russian soldiers were not taken away, and their bodies were stretched by animals.

She prayed that the children would survive — no food, no water. The basement where they were sitting was found by chance while running between the bombings. In a damp basement, the squeak of rats could be heard.

She told how she hugged the child and how she did not sleep for a second, sometimes turning off from helplessness. They were under the rubble and it was dangerous to shout, Russian soldiers would just kill, they killed for pleasure… they like the feeling of power, and they like human grief. There were already various thoughts of starvation, such as killing and eating a dog to last a few more days. She was ready, but suddenly she heard, «Is anyone alive?» in Ukrainian. She thought it was a hallucination, but no. It was the Ukrainian military who dug them up and helped them get out of hell. 14 people riding in one car sitting on each other…

«Sofiia, we all started to believe in God,» she says.

They still do not understand that they are already safe. Squeeze a bottle of water and constantly weep bitterly.

This is the whole crippled life of our people, our Ukrainians… Young children see hundreds of mutilated corpses and parts of human bodies. How to live with that?".

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