«Inquisitor» Against Russian Tanks: in Donbas the Air Reconnaissance of Ukrainian Armed Forces Developed a Unique Drone

In order to reduce the losses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the assault armored vehicles of the occupiers, the military men from the aerial reconnaissance of the Donetsk direction have developed a new effective model of the drone.

The Ukrainian infantry suffers the most losses due to assault armored vehicles of the Russian Federation, such as tanks, Oleksandr (call sign «Raccoon»), an air intelligence officer of the 56th Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, told «Vchasno».

Especially problems of combating tanks arise when they are hiding behind fences — they drive out, rapidly fire a shot and hide again. The shot of the tank is instantaneous, there is not even a second for the military to react.

«We lost the most infantry precisely because of the tanks,» «Raccoon» says. «When a tank fires through a fence, it is difficult for our artillery to reach it. It can be done only thanks to the «birds».

The models of drones currently in service with our military are not perfect. And aerial officers, who have been working with them for a long time, name the main problems.

«We have a number of comments about Ukrainian drones,» Oleksandr says. «For example, replacing batteries takes a long time, and we don't have it under fire. To replace the battery, you need to open the drone, take out the wires, disconnect the battery, then attach a new one to the wires, and balance the „bird“. Or here is an incomprehensible development — a large red parachute on which a drone descends. And we work on the front line, and using this „invention“ we simply compromise our location.»

Also, aerial intelligence officers say that some drones are poorly protected against electronic warfare, which is actively used by Russia in the war against Ukraine.

Excellent qualities of the new «Inquisitor» drone

Taking into account all the comments on the drones operating at the front, the aerial scouts of the 56th Brigade from Oleksandr`s group developed a new model. Professional engineers and programmers worked on it. The new drone was named in honor of one of the comrades, who has the call sign «Inquisitor» and is an ardent fighter for Ukrainian heritage. Excellent qualities of the drone:

  1. It has powerful protection against electronic warfare, the main control frequencies are duplicated in the extended range.
  2. Combat radius up to 50 km. It is possible to work at a distance of up to 25 km from the operator. The speed is 100 km/h or more.
  3. It is possible to work with drone from war shelters.
  4. Changing the battery takes seconds — to press the button, take out the battery, and insert another one.
  5. It has an operator-safe ammunition release system.
  6. A 32-fold camera with optical zoom is the key to the timely detection of the enemy's manpower and technical force.
  7. The drone can carry two 82-caliber mines, one 120-caliber mine, or an RKG 3 grenade — they can be used to destroy equipment from above.
  8. The integrated system of autonomous GPS positioning will help to find the UAV in the event of an accident.
  9. Wide possibilities of modifications.

«This drone will be a universal „bird“ — both for reconnaissance and for striking enemy equipment,» the developer of the «Inquisitor», air scout Oleksandr «Raccoon» says. «We can no longer lose infantry and equipment because we do not have the opportunity to reach Russian equipment that works from the hideout. We want to be more efficient, and we can do it. By the way, guys from other brigades, especially gunners, have already taken an interest in this development — they understand well that it will expand their capabilities.»

How to help air reconnaissance launch «Inquisitor»

Currently, the task is to assemble the first experimental model of the quadcopter. The developers say that the main parts can be manufactured in Ukraine, and the electronics can be ordered abroad.

Some machines and 3D printers should be purchased for production. Air scouts of the 56th Brigade, which developed this model, will assemble the model and conduct test flights. They say that if purchases will be done shortly — the deadline for production is about 1.5 months.

The amount for launching this project, specifically for the purchase of machines, equipment, and components for the experimental model, is $ 14,800. Then the production of the drone will be much cheaper.

The «Ukrainian Military Robotics» non-governmental organization from Donetsk oblast, which is engaged in fundraising and setting up production, is helping the aerial scouts to implement the idea. Volunteers of the organization have been supporting the Armed Forces for a long time. Four of the six cars that were lost due to Russian shelling by the «Raccoon» group were donated by them together with their associates.

Telegram channel of the «Ukrainian Military Robotics» non-governmental organization: https://t.me/uamilitaryrobot.

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