More than 10,000 Children Have Received the Status of Suffered in a Result of Hostilities

10,609 children received the status of those who suffered in a result of hostilities in Ukraine.

Currently, 10,609 Ukrainians have the status of children who have suffered in a result of hostilities and armed conflicts. This is evidenced by the data of the annual report of the Verkhovna Rada Ombudsperson on human rights, NA «Vhcasno» reports.

It is noted that the number of children who, according to the assessed needs, have grounds for establishing such status and who applied for receiving it to the guardianship body in Ukraine is 15 310.

10 609 children have already established the status.

Of these, 83 children were injured as a result of wars or got contusions, mutilations.

Two children were physically or sexually abused.

10,524 children were subjected to psychological violence.

But only 3,329 children are currently covered by various types of social services after receiving a status.

307 сhildren were refused in establishing the status.

With regard to 4 394 children, guardianship is currently considering the issue of establishing such status.

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