Mother and Daughter Lost Their Legs: Story of a Family that Came Under Rocket Fire of the Russians in Kramatorsk

As a result of a rocket attack on the Kramatorsk railway station, an 11-year-old girl lost her legs, and her mother also lost a limb. Nataliia's son miraculously managed to survive.

Now the family is in one of the children's hospitals in Lviv, where receive treatment for several weeks.

11-year-old Yaroslav takes care of the mother and twin sister, according to the First Medical Association of Lviv.

11-year-old Yaroslav takes care of the mother and twin sister 11-year-old Yaroslav takes care of the mother and twin sister«He is matured the moment a Russian rocket landed at Kramatorsk railway station. The twin sister and mother, who were on the platform, lost their legs: the girl — both, the woman — one. And 11-year-old Yaroslav now takes care of them. He even goes to the store near the hospital,» the doctors say.

The family is from Novhorodske of Donetsk oblast of Ukraine. The children's father died and his stepfather went to war. In early April, the children's mother Nataliia decided to take her son and daughter to a safe place away from the Russian shelling. So with suitcases, they arrived at Kramatorsk railway station.

While waiting for the train, Yana asked her mother for tea that volunteers were making on the platform. Yaroslav remained to keep an eye on the luggage. When mother and sister went outside, there was an explosion.

Nataliia, who still can't forgive herself for that tea trip, remembers: when she opened her eyes, everything was covered in blood. Then she saw that her daughter had no legs. And after she couldn't get up, she realized that she was without one limb.

The family has been in the Children’s Hospital of St. Nicholas of the First Medical Association of Lviv for several weeks now. An evacuation train took people there. Now the children and mother are already smiling because they are finally safe. Volunteers and celebrities constantly come to them with gifts.

The family will soon go to the United States for prosthetics and rehabilitation. Yaroslav says: he really wants his mother and sister to finally get back on their feet. Until then, he promises to continue to be their reliable support.

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