PHOTOS. First Consequences of the Flooding of the Radiation Mine by the Militants in Donbas

In the occupied Bunge in the suburb of Yenakiieve of the Donetsk region, as a result of stopping of the pumps at the «Yunkom» mine, the rates in which the underground waters were previously drained were stopped.

The flooding of the «Yunokom» mine, in which a nuclear explosion was conducted in Soviet times, began in April. Thus, the rates in which the mine waters were previously pumped out dried up in just a month, the journalist and blogger Denis Kazansky reports.

According to Denis Kazansky, the disappearance of the rate indicates that the mine waters have already filled the pits.

«It means that now the water in the mines, is eroding the radioactive material contaminated during the nuclear tests in 1979,» wrote the blogger on the social network. «Where and how it will later show itself, what streams and wells the underground waters with particles of the radioactive ground will then fall into are not known.»

The nuclear explosion in the mine «Young Communard» was produced in 1979. According to the official version, the purpose of the nuclear explosion was to reduce the gas content of the mine, which regularly produced methane emissions, which led to the death of miners. The nuclear charge was laid at a depth of 903 meters on the eastern wing of the mine. After the nuclear explosion, an oval camouflet chamber was formed in the sandstone layer, in which, according to scientists' calculations, 95% of the formed radioactive products — the so-called «Cleavage» object — are now concluded. More than 20 years after the explosion, the mine operated normally and was closed as unprofitable only in 2002. At the same time, it continued to work in the mode of pumping water.

According to many experts, the flooding of the mine will lead to the fact that radioactive products will enter groundwater, which will cause an ecological catastrophe in the region.

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