PHOTOS. Lithuanian Volunteers Handed Over Reanimobile and Equipment for Mobile Hospital in Donbas

Volunteers from Lithuania handed over an ambulance for a military mobile hospital in Mariupol in the Donetsk region.

Volunteers also donated 15 functional beds, the press center of the JFO reports.

61st mobile hospital, which received the equipment, is a second-line hospital with fourth elements and conducts specialized treatment. Over five years, several thousand people have been treated here.

Alexander Malanich, the head of the intensive care unit and intensive care unit, noted that the beds are functional and much more comfortable than those previously provided by local hospitals.

«They can be raised and lowered, which is convenient when putting the wounded military on a wheelchair», the doctor said.

Also, doctors are grateful for the new reanimobile.

«Of course, we have a sufficient fleet of motor vehicles, but it is impossible to predict in advance the exact number of wounded, and in the event of an increase in their number, any car is worth its weight in gold», leading surgeon Jaroslav Gaida said.

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