PHOTOS. "People Are Proud of Them": in the Donetsk Region Congratulated Volunteers and Ukrainian Defenders

Today, on the occasion of the Day of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the Day of the Volunteer in the front-line Pokrovsk of the Donetsk region greeted servicemen and those who consistently support them in the struggle for the independence of Ukraine.

During almost four years of undeclared war in Donbass, several hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians took arms and began to defend the eastern borders. From the first day of hostilities and to this day Ukrainian defenders are always supported by their reliable assistants - volunteers, IA "Vchasno" reports.

Many of the locals could not stand aside and became the support of the Ukrainian army.

Volunteer Volodymyr Sobol Volunteer Volodymyr Sobol"2014 - it was a very difficult period, there was no money at all, many people were at full zero, - a volunteer, resident of Pokrovsk, Volodymyr Sobol, says. - I personally had the opportunity to work purely with my car, people carried off whatever they could, I had to ask for a lot of things, humiliated, but it was done for our fellowmen who put their lives to our victory".

According to the volunteer, the greatest treasure for servicemen at the front was the attention, the understanding that Ukrainians believe in their army.

"It happened when we arrived at the place - even the craters smoked, the boys all in the smoke, we quickly unloaded, drank tea, hugged and left. Such meetings lasted 15-20 minutes. And about the safety of our lives we did not think then. We brought food, some delicious things, drawings from children, came to see the guys so that they directly felt that people proud of them and support them".

ATO soldier Stanislav Momot ATO soldier Stanislav MomotThe servicemen themselves are grateful to volunteers for constant support. According to the ATO soldier Stanislav Momot, the volunteer movement and the army are indivisible things today. And despite the fact that the Armed Forces of Ukraine were able to reborn, the help of ordinary people is still necessary.

"Even now volunteers cover those needs that the country is unable to provide, - Stanislav says. - They are looking for and getting exactly things that affect the health and life of many fighters. We thank those courageous people".

For a worthy service in defense of the Ukrainian state today, servicemen who serve on the eastern front and local volunteers who help fighters to defend Ukraine received honored awards.

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