Prostheses for Medical Clinics of Europe and the Far East Are Printed in One of the Donbass City

In Kramatorsk (Donetsk region), prostheses, which are then sent to medical centers in Europe and the Far East are printed on a special printer.

In Kramatorsk the "Farm 3D" start-up was successfully developed - local craftsmen have learned not only how to assemble modern 3D printers from components, but also to print on them products that can be used in different branches of medicine and industry, IA “Vchasno” reports.

Among the useful skills of unique equipment - the manufacture of prostheses of hands and leg, which are then sent to hospitals in European countries.

Director of the "3D Farm" Bogdan Tristan Director of the "3D Farm" Bogdan TristanAccording to the director of "Farm 3D" Bogdan Tristan, they can make both mechanical and electronic prostheses, the cost will range from 100 to 700 dollars for one product. Initially, in Kramatorsk hand prostheses were made, and recently model of a large printer was assembled to print leg prostheses.

On the Ukrainian market with medical products, "farmers" have not yet emerged, working more on European orders.

For domestic business on "Farm 3D" molds for molding of the most different design are made for the further manufacture of complex products.

In Kramatorsk has already learned how to combine several 3D printers for simultaneous work under operator control, which will speed up production and perform more complex tasks.

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