Russians Keep Targeting Hospitals: There Are Almost 100 Damaged Facilities in Donbas

Some healthcare facilities were razed to the ground by Russian missiles and munition.

Russians Keep Targeting Hospitals

«Vchasno» news agency received official information from the regional military administrations of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts regarding the civil infrastructure destroyed by the Russians.

During the year of a full-scale invasion, the occupiers damaged 80 health care facilities in Donetsk oblast, including 51 facilities providing secondary and tertiary care, and 29 primary health care centres. For example, due to the impact of Russian shelling, the Avdiivka and Mariinka central city hospitals, the ambulatory in Pokrovske of Bakhmut district, the Mariupol dental polyclinic and many others suffered significant damage.

In addition, since February 24, 21 healthcare facilities that have undergone repair or reconstruction work in the past eight years have been damaged or destroyed.

For example, the regional intensive care hospital, city hospitals No. 4 and No. 1, the perinatal center in Mariupol, Volnovakha, and Lyman central district hospitals, the city hospital in Kurakhove, the regional hospital for war veterans in Sviatohirsk, and others.

The destroyed Volnovakha central district hospital / photo from social networks

Mariupol city hospital No. 4 named after Matsuka before and after February 24 / photo:

Consequences of shelling of the Kurakhove city hospital / photo: Roman Padun and Pavlo Kyrylenko

Mariupol regional hospital before and after February 24 / photo: Donetsk regional administration and website 0629

In Luhansk oblast, it is currently known about the destruction of 65 healthcare objects in 19 facilities.

«Since the „heated“ phase of the war for the liberation of the territory of the region is currently ongoing, there is no connection with the temporarily occupied territory, it is impossible to estimate the real amount of actual and possible destruction,» the Luhansk regional administration notes.

It is reliably known about the significant destruction of facilities of Lysychansk, Severodonetsk, Popasna, and Svatove multidisciplinary hospitals, Luhansk regional children’s clinical hospital.

Various repair works were carried out or even continued on practically all destroyed or damaged objects.

For example, capital repair work was carried out in the Luhansk regional children’s clinical hospital starting. The projectile hit the roof and destroyed the premise — the annex to the main building, where the magnetic resonance imaging apparatus was installed; the shell also destroyed two floors of the pulmonology department.

In the Lysychansk multidisciplinary hospital, the section of the infectious disease department was destroyed as a result of the shelling.

Unfortunately, these data are not final, because the enemy, violating the laws and customs of war, continues shelling the civil infrastructure of Ukraine.

Luhansk regional children’s clinical hospital / photo: Serhiy Haidai

Lysychansk multidisciplinary hospital / photo from the hospital’s Facebook page

In general, according to the estimates of direct physical damage carried out within the framework of the National Council for the Reconstruction of Ukraine from the Consequences of War by the analytical team of the Kyiv School of Economics (KSE) with the support of the Government of Great Britain (UK Aid), as of November 2022, the total amount of damage caused to the infrastructure of Ukraine is equivalent in international currency to almost 136 billion US dollars.

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