Russians Shot Down a Bus with Students

War in Ukraine: Russians shot down a bus with students.

The Russians shelled the bus with students, there are still dead bodies in the vehicle

On February 26, the Russians fired on a passenger bus Kharkiv-Toretsk in the village of Volokhiv Yar in the Kharkiv oblast. The fate of the five passengers and the driver remains unknown.

According to preliminary information, the Russian military tried to stop the bus between Chuhuiv and Izium near the village of Volokhiv Yar. The driver did not stop, so the Russians shot the vehicle, «Vchasno» reports.

There were 25 people on the bus, mostly students aged 18−20. The location of most of the passengers has been established — they are with injuries in hospitals of Kharkiv oblast.

However, the fate of five passengers — four girls and one guy — and the bus driver remains unknown.

  • Kolyubaeva Lolita, born in 1997
  • Elevterova Kateryna, born in 2004
  • Kochanova Mariia, born in 2003
  • Pelykh Alina, born in 2001
  • Panin Olexiy, born in 1975
  • The identity of the young man is being established.

Their relatives are looking for them with the help of rescuers and volunteers. An application to search for students was submitted to the prosecutor's office. The grandmother of one of the missing girls turned to the head of the Toretsk military-civil administration, Vasyl Chynchyk, but did not receive any specific information from him. The journalists of «Vchasno» also tried to get a comment on the situation, but Chynchyk did not want to communicate and hung up.

«Together with the State Emergency Service, we called the hospitals in Kharkiv oblast, they didn’t find anyone anywhere,» says Dmytro, the uncle of one of the girls.

«My husband’s work number is still working, the beeps go off, but no one answers. There is such information that this number called one of the relatives of the missing passengers. But he didn’t call us,» says Natalia, the wife of the bus driver.

The relatives of one of the missing people received a call from supposedly Volokhiv Yar with the words «Come here, pick up the corpses.»

There is information about Russian soldiers standing at the site of the shooting of the bus, for the second day there us no access there. Locals say there are still bodies in the bus.

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