Terrorist Attack in Olenivka: Ukrainian Defenders Were Killed by the «Wagner Group»

The killing of Ukrainian defenders in Olenivka is a deliberate act of terrorism. According to Russian sources, at least 40 Ukrainians were killed.

On July 28, a powerful explosion took place on the territory of the former correctional colony No. 120 in the city of Olenivka in the temporarily occupied territory of Donetsk oblast, which is currently used as a place of detention for Ukrainian prisoners of war. And not shelling, as the Russian occupiers claimed. This was reported by the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine.

As a result of the explosion, the premises where the Ukrainians were located was destroyed. According to Russian sources, about 40 Ukrainians were killed, and the number of wounded is being specified.

The explosions took place on the territory of the industrial zone in a newly built building, which was supposed to be specially equipped to hold prisoners taken out of «Azovstal» in Mariupol. The equipment of the building was finished 2 days ago, after which part of the detained Ukrainian Defenders were transferred to it.

Intelligence sources emphasize that the explosions in Olenivka, which led to the death of Ukrainian defenders, are a deliberate provocation and an undeniable act of terrorism by the occupying forces. According to available information, it was carried out by mercenaries from the Wagner (League) private war company under the personal command of the nominal owner of the specified PWC, Yevhen Prygozhyn. The organization and execution of the terrorist attack were not coordinated with the leadership of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation.

«The main purpose of the terrorist attack is to hide the facts of the total embezzlement of funds allocated for the maintenance of Ukrainian prisoners of war. It is known that on August 1, a commission from Moscow was supposed to arrive at the „object“ to check the expenditure of the allocated funds and the conditions of detention of prisoners,» Defence Intelligence informs.

Since the real condition of the building and the conditions of keeping prisoners in it did not meet the requirements of the Russian leadership, the «problem» was solved by destroying the premises, together with the Ukrainians in it.

It is noted that another purpose of the provocation is to increase social tension in Ukraine. Given the great public interest in the fate of the Heroes of Azovstal, according to the authors of the scenario of the terrorist attack, the death of the defenders should lead to an increase in social tension in Ukraine.

In order to find out the real circumstances of the terrorist attack and prevent a similar incident from happening in the future, the head of the Defence Intelligence of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, Kyrylo Budanov, called on all international institutions to express a tough position regarding the events in Olenivka.

«The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement, which is one of the guarantors of the safety and proper maintenance of Ukrainian prisoners of war, should give a proper assessment of the events and make efforts to find out the real circumstances and reasons for the killing of the Ukrainian Defenders. Ukraine demands the immediate admission of representatives of Ukraine to the scene of events to study the situation and control the conditions of detention of captured Ukrainian defenders. I also emphasize the need to carry out detailed monitoring of the conditions of detention of Ukrainian prisoners and guarantee the preservation of their lives and health,» Kyrylo Budanov emphasized.

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