The Military Woman Who Serves at the Donetsk Front Received the International Award «Women's Power» in Spain

The judges gave one of the «Women's Power» awards to the Ukrainian servicewoman.

Alona Bohachuk / photo: Donetsk separate brigade of the Territorial Defense Forces

On November 7, in Madrid, the annual award «Poder Femenino» from the Spanish fashion magazine Yo Dona took place. The «Women's Power» nomination was one of the most important at the event.

Ukrainian Alona Bohachuk received the award. She lived in Spain for more than ten years; at the beginning of the full-scale invasion, the woman organized help for the refugees — she picked up people in Ukraine and took them to Spain where she found housing, a job for adults, schools and kindergartens for children. Later, Alona decided that it was not enough. That is why she went to serve in secret from her mother.

Alona has been serving as the commander of the communications department in one of the brigades in Donetsk oblast of Ukraine for almost a year.

Alona Bohachuk tells «Vchasno» journalists that she gave herself only a few days for the award ceremony to get from Donetsk oblast to Madrid. And she is already returning to Ukraine, to the front.

«During the „Women's Power“ award ceremony, there were eight awards: seven were Spanish (among the awarded were a singer, actress, inventor, etc.), and one was international. I was told that the judges chose who to give it to from over 500 women around the world. But they decided to award it to me — and I received this award,» the servicewoman says.

Alona admits that her favorite Spanish singer, Malu, and her favorite actress were present on the stage. And one of the nicest moments was when Malu asked to take a photo with Alona.

«It was really nice to hear these women come up on stage and talk about me — how proud they are, how important it is. I felt like I was in another world yesterday. Not my own, but wonderful. Because in ordinary life I would have run up to Malu and asked for a photo, and at the award ceremony she herself came up and asked if she could take a selfie with me,» the servicewoman admits.

«This „Women's Power“ award that I received is actually not only mine. It is for all Ukrainian soldiers who, while I am standing on the stage and enjoying the moment, are fighting in the trenches. If they were not there now, we would not be able to sit here, because these enemies are there (in Ukraine) today, and tomorrow they can be here. Due to the struggle of the Ukrainian people, we can enjoy life. Please don’t forget about Ukraine,» — from Alona Bohachuk’s speech during the award ceremony in Madrid.

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