"This Is - the Highest Skill" - Manufacturers of Germany Evaluated the Quality of Leather Products from the Donetsk Region

During the visit to Germany, entrepreneurs of the Donetsk region could present their products to foreign representatives of the sewing business.

Entrepreneurs from the Donetsk region were able to learn about the production of fashion clothing, knitwear, and leather accessories in Germany, "Business-East" reports.

Each participant of the visit develops its own sewing business in the front-line region of Ukraine and seeks for market entry.

The mistress from Slavyansk Anna Yashina showed the owner of the German company "Leder Atelier Apolda GmbH" Іngo Treu a leather product of own manufacture. "This is - the highest skill!" - evaluated an experienced businessman. He also talked about his production of women's bags and belts for the famous brand of MСM and various designers.

The Ukrainian entrepreneurs also learned about the technologies of production of knitted goods. A successful enterprise, «Strickchic GmbH», operates in the small town of Apolda. Earlier there were several enterprises of this direction and the city was considered as the capital of German knitwear. When other enterprises were closed, «Strickchic GmbH» maintained its position in the market - textile workers began to produce not only ordinary knitwear but also special thermal underwear.

Technology, trends in fashion, creative ideas - it was all discussed with colleagues from Germany by entrepreneurs from Eastern Ukraine, an agreement was reached on cooperation between clusters in the chambers of commerce and industry.

The visit is initiated by the Donetsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry in cooperation with Donetsk Regional State Administration and the Donetsk Regional Development Agency with the support of the German-Ukrainian partner project of the Chambers of Commerce and Industry of KVP Ukraine.

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