Ukrainian-Lithuanian Telethon in Two Hours Has Collected 110 Thousand Euros to Help Donbas IDPs

In just two hours, the Ukrainian-Lithuanian telethon «Together for Victory» collected 110 thousand euros of charitable contributions, this money will go to help the Ukrainian Armed Forces, the internally displaced people, as well as people living near the front line in Donbas.

The telethon was held on the «Pryamyi» TV channel and on the Lithuanian National Radio and Television channel LRT. Military servicemen of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, volunteers, as well as Ukrainian and Lithuanian journalists and politicians, took part in it, the press service of the General Staff of the Ukrainian Armed Forces reports.

«Lithuania, which on January 13 celebrates the anniversary, knows well how expensive independence is and how terrible it is to lose it», said Lithuanian President Dalia Grybauskaite in a message during a telethon. «Therefore, we continue to give a helping hand to Ukraine so that Ukrainians feel and understand: we are always together. Today we again share what we can and constantly call on the whole world so that this beautiful country and its people get the victory as soon as possible — for our and your freedom. Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Lithuania!

Also, the commander-in-chief of the Lithuanian armed forces, Jonas Vytautas Zukas, took part in the telethon, who noted that the war in Donbas concerns not only Ukraine, but all of Europe.

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