VIDEO FACT. Russian Army Is Destroying a Village in Donbas From Thermobaric Weapons

The Russian occupiers themselves show off how they shell the village of Pisky (Donetsk oblast of Ukraine) with thermobaric warheads.

The Russians themselves published the video of their own crime. In the video, you can see how Pisky is being hit by the TOS-1A Solntsepyok multiple rocket launchers — a heavy flamethrower system, using thermobaric warheads.

Thermobaric weapons, also called fuel-air bombs or vacuum bombs, are considered to be the most devastating non-nuclear weapons developed to date.

Thermobaric warheads explode in two stages. First, it releases an inflammatory mixture in the form of an aerosol, and then explodes another part, which blows up the mixture sprayed around. Due to this action, thermobaric munitions have a much stronger force of impact and blast wave.

According to international conventions on warfare, such thermobaric munitions are prohibited from being used against military targets or enemy manpower if they could strike civilians. In addition, thermobaric munitions are prohibited from being used against the military if the benefits do not justify their use.

On March 2022, the British Ministry of Defence warned that the use of the TOC-1A system by the Russian aggressors against the civilian population of Ukraine contradicts international law on warfare.

Russian troops have been attacking the small village of Pisky for several weeks. The entire available arsenal of the occupiers is being used on the positions of the Ukrainian army. However, the Armed Forces heroically restrained the Russian attacks.

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