VIDEO. "These Children Know What a War Is" – Pokrovsk Volunteers Brought a Holiday to Small Residents of the ATO Zone

Journalists of IA "Vchasno" together with the students of Pokrovsk Pedagogical College, accompanied by the military men, traditionally visited the "gray" zone of the Donetsk region on New Year's days to congratulate the young residents of the front-line territory.

A creative volunteer group with gifts and a festive performance arrived in a small front-line village of Lastochkino near Avdiivka and the long-suffering Krasnogorivka of the Donetsk region, whose residents have been living for the fourth year at gunpoint of the militants.

Students of Pokrovsk Pedagogical College have shown a real New Year's fairy tale for children.

"Despite the fact that the front is very near and the fighting is going on, we all wanted to visit the kids and bring them a festive mood, - the students say. - It was one of the warmest hospitality. Children are wonderful and energetic; they look at you with such kindness and sincerely believe in miracles. We wish that all their dreams really come true and at last the peace comes".

Attention and support is the main thing that the residents of the "gray" zone lack.

"We are far from civilization, children have nowhere to go, see something new. Guests in our area is a big rarity, - says Valentyna Borysova, deputy director of the Orlivka Training - Educational Complex. - We would like to see them more often and are always happy to receive them".

Help for children who live in the conflict zone and daily suffer from shelling was collected by not indifferent residents of the Donetsk region, volunteers from Kyiv, the military men and even residents of temporarily occupied territories.

Military men of the 1st  Siversk Separate Tank Brigade handed over cookies and condensed milk to children, “Altair +” company - easels for Krasnogorivka art studio, volunteers of the "Dim Myloserdya" - sweet gifts. Journalists of the IA "Vchasno" gave the children educational literature for creativity and sweet gifts, which the newsroom purchased for prize money after successful participation in the contest for the best gender sensitive material from UN Women Ukraine (UN-Women). Transport and support were organized by representatives of the Pokrovsk-Yasynuvata military registration and enlistment office.

Also, the residents of Kyiv took part in the action and sent books, toys, and sweets.

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