VIDEO: "Where Does the Region and the Whole Ukraine Look?": in Krasnogorovka, Children Learn Directly in the Open Air in School Fired by Militants

Fired by militants school № 2 in the fron-tline Krasnogorovka continues to stand without repair, and its students are educated in emergency conditions: without a roof over their heads, windows and walls.

Shocking conditions in which the children of the front-line city are studying posted out one of the local residents in the network, IA "Vchasno" reports.

On the video, the woman conducts a tour of the ruined building, where once there were training classes. From the explosion in the school, the roof and the upper floor collapsed, the windows flew out of the impact. Despite this, the building continues to take classes for children.

"Where does the region look where whole Ukraine look? I'm shocked by all of these, but if someone runs up here? ", the voice-over says.

Outside the window on the sports field, children do trainings, and quite near, on the same floor in two shifts the children learn.

"It's terrible not only to look at the destruction but also that here, very close, children are studying, in these offices - junior classes. They study, because there is nowhere else, and education is necessary. We were left without school."

The author of the video notes that the windows on the floors are sealed with tape, and any child can fall out of them, simply leaning on the elbows.

And this is at that time, as only 40 kilometers away, Ukrainian officials grandiosely open support schools, for repair of which tens of millions of hryvnias are allocated.

The fact that the educational institution in Krasnogorovka will be repaired, declared the head of the Donetsk region Pavel Zhebrivskiy, and the minister of regional development Gennadiy Zubko. But the new school year, the children of Krasnogorovka began at a school that looked more like a location for a horror film, not like an educational institution.

Translation of the video:

So here is the 3 grade on the right, in 3 meters.
Here it goes the main corridor.

Where does the region look, where whole Ukraine look?
I'm just shocked by all of these. It's scary to lead a child here. Something like this.
God forbid someone runs up here.
There is a lesson of the physical education. I love school very much, it is my native school.
How is this possible to let this happen?
It's going to rain, right now it's going to snow, it's going to freeze, I do not know how long it can wait and what's going on.
It's scary not only look at these but the fact that literally in these offices the children of junior classes study, in the first shift and in the second. 
They study, because there is nowhere else, and education is necessary. We were left without a school.
There are more or less on those wings but there are no glasses. There is only an oilcloth.
The worst thing is that children God forbid will want to look or something else and God forbid they will fall.


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