International Representatives of ACTED Help the Local Rescuers Overcome the Consequences of the War in Donbas

The specialists of the ACTED humanitarian program worked for 5 months in settlements of eastern Ukraine, in the 5 km zone of delimitation, in order to study the needs and develop recommendations for reducing the risks for the population.

"We worked with district administrations and the State Emergency Service units to assess the risks for the population and response plans. We also explore what kind of help people need from international organizations to improve response to emergencies. We found that people living in a 5-kilometer zone from the line of contact are constantly in danger zone ", - said ACTED Project Manager Jan Severa during a training session in Kramatorsk, the NA "Vchasno" reports.

For Ukrainian rescuers, such assistance is important, especially in the context of the introduction of decentralization and the opening of the Centers of Security in each community.

This will enhance the capacity and respond effectively to the humanitarian needs that exist.

The created ambulance maps and maps of places of danger, documents and recommendations will help to respond quickly in emergencies. This year, ACTED will also continue its work in the East of Ukraine, in particular, in search of sponsors for project implementation, involving donors from the United Nations.

"We are getting new equipment, we have been able to open 6 Centers of Security in 4 years, this year we plan another 8. On the demarcation line, our groups work every day, for example, in Avdiivka there are 40 men of personnel, besides, we work in Mariinka and Avdiivka. We help the population in restoring housing. In addition to the fact that we responded to the call and localized the problem, we still need to fill out the documentation correctly, because it then involves allocating funds for the recovery. And here it is necessary to record everything correctly ", - said Vladislav Gusinsky, deputy head of the Main Directorate for Emergency Response of the Main Directorate of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in the Donetsk region.

In Ukraine, ACTED has been active since 2015 with the support of the international organization USAID. It works for humanitarian and developmental programs in 40 countries and runs over 460 projects per year, covering over 11 million beneficiaries worldwide.

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