PHOTO. Russia Continues to Increase Troops near Ukraine: New Satellite Images

The statements of the Russian leadership on the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine contradict the actions. Increased military activity was noted, in particular, in Belarus, the occupied Crimea, and western Russia.

Russia continues to increase troops near Ukraine / photo:

Satellite photos were published on the Internet, confirming that Russia continues to build up troops on the border with Ukraine for the past 48 hours.

Increased military activity was noted in Belarus, occupied Crimea, and western Russia. Relevant photos from Maxar Technologies were published by BuzzFeed News correspondent Christopher Miller.

He noted that the troop increases have been going on for the last 48 hours. And Russian military equipment is being transferred from the places of deployment.

«Machulishchy» airfield in Belarus. Transport helicopters Mi-26 is on the photo:

Transport and landing helicopters near Donuzlav Lake in the Russian-occupied Crimea:

Yelnya, Russia, January 19 vs February 13. Shows the presence and departure of the Russian combat tactical group:

January 19 January 19

February 13 February 13

New Russian helicopter unit and troops in Belgorod, Russia. February 13:

The Central Intelligence Agency of Ukraine also informs that the command of the Russian Armed Forces is strengthening control in its units in the temporarily occupied territories.

Since the end of last week, an increase in the number of inspection groups of the highest military bodies of the Russian Armed Forces has been observed in the temporarily occupied territories of Donetsk and Luhansk oblasts. Units of the occupying forces are tested for the ability to bring to a higher level of combat readiness with the implementation of marches to certain areas (landfills) and staffing.

At the same time, Russia reports the alleged completion of a number of military trainings. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, part of the contingent is returning to places of permanent deployment. However, this is not a completion of trainings.

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